You can’t think of Oregon and not consider the Oregon Trail or have pictures of the Wild West pop into your head. If you are a horse person, every one of those images will likely include a horse. While the West wasn’t settled on the back of our horses as much as oxen, the horse’s part in helping to settle the West and Oregon in particular is undisputed. If you ask an Oregonian, they will likely to tell you that horses in Oregon are considered a part of our living history; a living legend.

Oregon has always been a rural state and much of our state’s history centers on agriculture. As such, it is a natural step for Cowboy Dressage to take hold, giving riders a new avenue to strengthen the bond and training between horse and rider. Ranch horses have a long history of versatility and CD encourages and supports that versatility.

Oregon Cowboy Dressage Alliance was established in 2013 to support the mission of encouraging the growth of this new all-breed discipline that uses the classical dressage principles to train our Western stock-type horses.  Still in its infancy, Cowboy Dressage is the most exciting new training and riding method to evolve in our industry in 30 years.  Oregon members can help shape and grow this discipline by joining us in learning about it, sharing wins through its use, and most of all by riding it.

Our purpose is to help the horse and rider move closer and closer to being a team, through establishing two-way communication between horse and rider; and that both lightness and consistency are key elements in that partnership.  We believe that through proper methods and practice, a harmony between horse and rider can be achieved, and we will strive to show our public how to get there, by sponsoring educational events, riding clinics and competitions.

ORCDA, following the traditions of western riding here in Oregon, will promote education and training for those individuals who seek to further their knowledge and horsemanship skills. We will work to promote Cowboy Dressage™, and we will always be stewards of the Western tradition and legacy of the American West.

We invite you to join us and we look forward to your company on the trail!