Mission Statement

Soft Feel (or Fresh Rein) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage™.  It is a wordless, intimate and for some a spiritual communication within the partnership between horse and rider.  Soft Feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel and receive the message the horse sends back.

The timing and use of the release, relaxation, preparation and execution are the basic fundamentals of Soft Feel.

Since Soft Feel is the mission of Cowboy Dressage™, it will be scored with emphasis on lightness, harmony, finesse and partnership as a priority.  Balance, cadence, carriage, control and performance are additional areas on which the horse and rider will be judged.©

ORCDA Monthly Meetings

Members & Guests Welcome!

Join us:
Fourth Tuesday of every month at 1:30 p.m.
Location: Astoria, OR
Contact Cameron Pedri for more info: ORCowboyDressageAlliance@gmail.com


 Thank You, Sponsors!

We want to say a hearty “Thank you!” to the folks who stepped up to sponsor our 2021 Cowboy Dressage™ Gathering

  • 3 Bar M, LLC – Ebony & Randy Meyers
  • Denise Crane Broker – Remax
  • Little Bear Creek Ranch – Kelley Rankin
  • Blu Hole Ranch – San Hunsaker
  • Cedar Ridge GalleriesVictoria Bensen
  • Cameron & Chuck Pedri
  • Kelley Downing & Major
  • Nancy Netwal & Yul
  • High Desert Horsemanship – Marsha Williams
  • Watercolors by Lynda – Lynda Edwards

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Cameron Pedri at  ORCowboyDressageAlliance@gmail.com

ORCDA’S Gathering in 2022:

August 20 & 21

Cowboy Dressage Gathering in Albany, OR

Looking for Future Events?

See our Facebook Events page for upcoming shows and clinics in your area: http://www.facebook.com/oregoncda