2014 ORCWDA Cowboy Dressage™ Gathering-Canby, OR

Chris and her groom IMGP0595 IMGP0596 IMGP0597 IMGP0605 IMGP0609 IMGP0610 IMGP0613 IMGP0614 IMGP0615 IMGP0616 IMGP0617 IMGP0630 IMGP0636 IMGP0639 IMGP0657 IMGP0658 IMGP0670 IMGP0676 IMGP0677 IMGP0678 IMGP0682 IMGP0683 IMGP0684 IMGP0686 IMGP0688 IMGP0689 IMGP0691 IMGP0694 IMGP0695 IMGP0696 IMGP0697 IMGP0698 IMGP0699 IMGP0700 IMGP0701 IMGP0702 IMGP0703 IMGP0705 IMGP0706 IMGP0707 IMGP0708 IMGP0709 IMGP0710 IMGP0712 IMGP0721 IMGP0725 IMGP0728 IMGP0731 IMGP0733 IMGP0735 IMGP0736 IMGP0739 IMGP0744 IMGP0754 IMGP0758 IMGP0759 IMGP0760 IMGP0761 IMGP0763 IMGP0764 IMGP0765 IMGP0766 IMGP0768 IMGP0769 IMGP0770 IMGP0771 IMGP0775 IMGP0776 IMGP0777 IMGP0778 IMGP0779 IMGP0780 IMGP0781 IMGP0785 IMGP0789 IMGP0790 IMGP0791 IMGP0792 IMGP0795 IMGP0797 IMGP0798 IMGP0799 IMGP0800 IMGP0801 IMGP0804 IMGP0807 IMGP0808 IMGP0809 IMGP0810 IMGP0812 IMGP0829 IMGP0830 IMGP0831 IMGP0832 IMGP0833 IMGP0835 IMGP0836 IMGP0840 IMGP0841 IMGP0842 IMGP0843 IMGP0844 IMGP0845 IMGP0847 IMGP0848 IMGP0849 IMGP0850 IMGP0851 IMGP0852 IMGP0854 IMGP0855 IMGP0856 IMGP0859 IMGP0860 IMGP0861 IMGP0863 IMGP0864 IMGP0865 IMGP0866 IMGP0867 IMGP0868 IMGP0869 IMGP0873 IMGP0874 IMGP0875 IMGP0876 IMGP0877 IMGP0882 IMGP0885 IMGP0886 IMGP0887 IMGP0888 IMGP0889 IMGP0890 IMGP0891 IMGP0892 IMGP0893 IMGP0894 IMGP0899 IMGP0900 IMGP0902 IMGP0903 IMGP0904 IMGP0905 IMGP0906 IMGP0907 IMGP0908 IMGP0915 IMGP0932 IMGP0933 IMGP0934 IMGP0935 IMGP0936 IMGP0937 IMGP0938 IMGP0939 IMGP0940 IMGP0941 IMGP0942 IMGP0943 IMGP0945 IMGP0946 IMGP0947 IMGP0948 IMGP0949 IMGP0952 IMGP0953 IMGP0954 IMGP0955 IMGP0956 IMGP0957 IMGP0958 IMGP0959 IMGP0960 IMGP0961 IMGP0962 IMGP0963 IMGP0964 IMGP0965 IMGP0966 IMGP0967 IMGP0968 IMGP0971 IMGP0972 IMGP0973 IMGP0974 IMGP0975 IMGP0976 IMGP0977 IMGP0981 IMGP0982 IMGP0983 IMGP0985 IMGP0986 IMGP0987 IMGP0988 IMGP0989 IMGP0990 IMGP0992 IMGP0993 IMGP0994 IMGP0996 IMGP0998 IMGP0999 IMGP1000 IMGP1001 IMGP1004 IMGP1005 IMGP1006 IMGP1007 IMGP1008 IMGP1010 IMGP1011 IMGP1012 IMGP1015 IMGP1016 IMGP1017 IMGP1019 IMGP1020 IMGP1021 IMGP1022 IMGP1023 IMGP1024 IMGP1025 IMGP1026 IMGP1027 IMGP1028 IMGP1029 IMGP1032 IMGP1033 IMGP1035 IMGP1037 IMGP1038 IMGP1039 IMGP1040 IMGP1041 IMGP1043 IMGP1053 IMGP1054 IMGP1055 IMGP1057 IMGP1059 IMGP1060 IMGP1061 IMGP1062 IMGP1063 IMGP1064 IMGP1065 IMGP1066 IMGP1067 IMGP1068 IMGP1069 IMGP1070 IMGP1071 IMGP1077 IMGP1082 IMGP1083 IMGP1084 IMGP1089 IMGP1090 IMGP1091 IMGP1092 IMGP1093 IMGP1094 IMGP1096 IMGP1098 IMGP1099 IMGP1100 IMGP1101 IMGP1102 IMGP1103 IMGP1104 IMGP1105 IMGP1106 IMGP1107 IMGP1108 IMGP1109 IMGP1110 IMGP1116 IMGP1117 IMGP1118 IMGP1119 IMGP1120 IMGP1130 IMGP1131 IMGP1132 IMGP1133 IMGP1134 IMGP1138 IMGP1139 IMGP1140 IMGP1142 IMGP1146 IMGP1147 IMGP1148 IMGP1149 IMGP1152 IMGP1153 IMGP1154 IMGP1155 IMGP1157 IMGP1158 IMGP1159 IMGP1160 IMGP1161 IMGP1162 IMGP1166 IMGP1167 IMGP1169 IMGP1170 IMGP1171 IMGP1172 IMGP1173 IMGP1174 IMGP1175 IMGP1176 IMGP1177 IMGP1178 IMGP1180 IMGP1181 IMGP1182 IMGP1183 IMGP1184 IMGP1185 IMGP1186 IMGP1187 IMGP1188 IMGP1189 IMGP1190 IMGP1193 IMGP1196 IMGP1197 IMGP1201 IMGP1202 IMGP1203 IMGP1204 IMGP1205 IMGP1206 IMGP1207 IMGP1208 IMGP1209 IMGP1212 IMGP1213 IMGP1214 IMGP1215 IMGP1216 IMGP1217 IMGP1218 IMGP1219 IMGP1220 IMGP1221 IMGP1223 IMGP1225 IMGP1226 IMGP1227 IMGP1228 IMGP1229 IMGP1230 IMGP1231 IMGP1232 IMGP1233 IMGP1234 IMGP1235 IMGP1236 IMGP1237 IMGP1238 IMGP1239 IMGP1240 IMGP1241 IMGP1242 IMGP1243 IMGP1244 IMGP1245 IMGP1246 IMGP1247 IMGP1248 IMGP1249 IMGP1251 IMGP1252 IMGP1253 IMGP1254 IMGP1257 IMGP1258 IMGP1259 IMGP1260 IMGP1261 IMGP1265 IMGP1266 IMGP1267 IMGP1268 IMGP1269 IMGP1270 IMGP1271 IMGP1272 IMGP1273 IMGP1274 IMGP1275 IMGP1276 IMGP1277 IMGP1278 IMGP1279 IMGP1280 IMGP1281 IMGP1282 IMGP1283 IMGP1284 IMGP1285 IMGP1286 IMGP1287 IMGP1288 IMGP1289 IMGP1290 IMGP1291 IMGP1292 IMGP1293 IMGP1294 IMGP1295 IMGP1296 IMGP1297 IMGP1298 IMGP1299 IMGP1300 IMGP1301 IMGP1302 IMGP1303 IMGP1304 IMGP1305 IMGP1306 IMGP1307 IMGP1308 IMGP1309 IMGP1310 IMGP1311 IMGP1312 IMGP1313 IMGP1314 IMGP1315 IMGP1316 IMGP1317 IMGP1318 IMGP1319 IMGP1320 IMGP1321 IMGP1323 IMGP1324 IMGP1325 IMGP1326 IMGP1327 Martina and Michelle Rebecca and Ella Blue Rebecca and Ella turn on haunches Rebecca turning Sigrid by Tish Sigrid the big winner Sigrid with her prizes by Tish